Max Immo

Na Prikope 23/25/27

Na Prikope 23/25/27 Prague 1

The three adjacent buildings with app 80 metres frontage on Prague’s No. 1 shopping street Na Prikope were owned by an Austrian private investor.

MAX Immo acted as his exclusive leasing agent for many years and secured leases for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calzedonia, Intimissimi, etc. In 2016, a pension fund purchased the buildings for a record amount of more than 80 million EUR, setting a new benchmark for value-add investment deals in Prague.

“In general, we do not see many leasing transactions on Na Prikope. Tenants often need to search for a few years until they find a unit here,” said Martin Indra, Retail Consultant at MAX Immo. “Even though the rents here are among the highest in Central & Eastern Europe and tenants often have to pay a premium for their desired location, the demand far exceeds the supply.”

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